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Captain's Charity

A slight right to left Par 4 with a pond across the front of a tucked away green that slopes from back to front. Look out for some tricky pin positions near the front of the green. Anyone who goes in the pond should put a pound in the Captain’s Charity Jar on the bar.

For the really brave, plenty of the big hitters have driven this one. Just take it over the marker post with a draw.

The change of angle from the 10th Tee make the hole longer and a bit tougher into the wind.

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up the dale

This a straight driveable Par 4 with green,
protected by bunkers to the front,
positioned on top of the hill over a long dip. Avoid the left rough and be aware that the walk up to the green will bring on the deep breathing. Sloping from the back any putts down the green are quick.

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a long way down

This is the hardest hole on the course and from the back tee over the road was once the longest Par 4 in England. Many will play this as a Par 5 and even the longest hitters will struggle when the wind is into your face.

Drives landing on the right side of the fairway will run down the slope into a nice position and generally you will a long second to a blind green down the hill. The farm buildings in the background will give you a line into the green. Anything long and left will find trouble.

The quick sloping green does not make it an easy hole to finish so best of luck.

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To the valley

A challenging tee shot, especially off the back tee, with dense foliage all down the left-hand side, and a bunker and Out of Bounds for those who go long.

No lay up short right as a hidden bunker awaits, and a seemingly flat green may surprise some with its subtle undulations.

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The punch bowl

This the shortest and easiest hole on the course but do not be fooled as it can cause all sorts of problems.

The green is built in to the side of hill providing some protection. There is no joy if you are short and when the course is dry some great shots will go bounding over the back.

The best line is towards the front left of the green letting the ball run around to the middle. Beware of some quick and tricky putts from the back.

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Moor, Moor, Moor

From the tee-bed, gaze into the distance and you will just be able to make out the distant flag with the marker post behind it.

Take a bearing because you won’t see the flag again until you’ve climbed the hill 80 metres in front of the green. Avoid the humps, avoid the fairway bunkers, and take an extra club for your approach to the green.

A relatively large, flat and benign green awaits you, but don’t go long; trouble awaits!

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heading home

Probably the most fearsome drive on the golf course, off both tee-beds! Line up with the relevant marker posts, say your prayers, and give it a bang!

Just to make it a little more interesting, this hole usually plays into the prevailing wind.

Mind the hidden grass bunker protecting the front right of the green, and the long bunker protecting the left-hand side of the green.

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The Humps

Off the tee, beware the Practice Ground on the left and the line of trees on the right.

Make good use of the lush fairway and make sure you avoid the three bunkers protecting the green – left hand side, front right- and right-hand side.

Best to leave yourself short of the flag for an uphill putt. Oh, and don’t get stuck on the humps!

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Lake view

Hookers beware! Some say a hidden golf ball magnet is buried in the farmer’s field, and many a great round has been ruined on the 18th by taking an unscheduled visit there.

Be mindful of the bank and wall to the right, as again many a golf ball comes to rest here.

When you finally get to the green, you’ll discover that it’s probably the most difficult on the course, with its nod back to farming history and Ridge and Furrow ploughing.

At the end it is best to simply enjoy the view over Hollingworth Lake.

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